Rep. Coram said, "I am the very proud father of one son, who happens to be gay."

He went on to praise his son and say he has nothing against homosexuals, he's just not in favor of passing the civil unions bill because a majority of constituents wouldn't support it.

His vote in the House State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee killed the bill.

For most of his life, Dee Coram ignored his father's politics and kept his distance. But when the civil unions bill popped up, Dee Coram decided to have a heart-to-heart with his father.

"He did say at that time if it goes to the floor, I will vote no. But at that time his stance was the committee should send it and let the House vote on it," Dee Coram said.

Dee Coram was upset with his father for not letting the vote go to the House floor. He says his father initially told him he would support seeing it go to the floor, but then he voted it down in a committee - preventing it from getting to the floor.

"He was given an opportunity here to actually be a leader and I guess he didn't take that leadership role. It's disappointing to see something like this that he said should have gone to a house floor for a vote. Essentially, he prevented that from happening," Dee Coram said.

As for bringing his son up in discussion, Don Coram says he did it to let people know how much he loves and respects his son.

"I'm sorry he feels that way. But the love and respect I have for him needed to come out with the vote I was about to make," Rep. Coram said.

Rep. Coram maintains he voted down the bill because a majority of his constituents don't support it.

"They're all Republican, they're all conservative, and a lot of the people we talk to say, 'Let's move beyond this, let's focus on being fiscally conservative and quit being morally conservative Republicans,'" Dee Coram said.

"In my district, same-sex marriage certainly does not have a high approval rate," Rep. Coram said.

"It's also kind of a slap in the face because there are a lot of constituents from this area that are gay that also helped to get him elected," Dee Coram said.

"I think he's probably mistaken and I was elected by a large majority of the population and so I think that's probably factually incorrect," Rep. Coram said.

It's important to point out that both father and son say they love each other a lot. They really only disagree on this issue.

Rep. Coram says he actually supports civil unions, just not gay marriage.

The reason he voted down this bill, he says, is because of the wording in it. He says the word spouse appeared too many times, which he says made it seem like a bill designed for heterosexual couples.