The AED Scavenger Hunt challenges members of the public to seek out and document the location of publicly available AEDs throughout the Denver-metro area. The goal is to gather information on as many devices as possible so that emergency responders and everyday people will know where the closest publicly accessible device is when emergency strikes - and thus be able to use the closest device to potentially save a life.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a leading cause of death in the United States, and the best chance for survival comes from early treatment with CPR and defibrillation using an AED.

The information collected during the AED Scavenger Hunt will be utilized to create a comprehensive AED Map, which will enable the public to locate their nearest AED in the event of an emergency. By collecting information on public AEDs in our community, we will be able to improve public access and availability of AEDs in emergency situations, making the community overall better prepared to address cardiac emergencies.

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