Concrete debris and trash from Stapleton Airport's old dump site near E. 35th Avenue and Boston Street is still sitting inside the master-planned community.

It is near a creek and several homes. The land is still owned by the City of Denver's Aviation Department.

Neighbors say they're fed up with having to see the debris sitting there.

"The homeowners have moved in and so it's a natural progression to have the area that they look at cleaned up and the area that we use as our parks to be cleaned up and finished," Stapleton resident Scott Thomas said.

Stapleton residents have formed a group, called S.w.e.e.p. (Stapletonians Want Environmental Earnestness Pronto)

In a statement, airport spokeswoman Jenny Schiavone said airport officials are working with the Stapleton's developers to clean up the area and turn it into open space.

"DIA, Forest City and the Stapleton Development Corporation are following a well-established process for the redevelopment of the former Stapleton International Airport land. Late last year, the developer requested the parcel of land located in North Westerly Creek and we have been working closely together to create a remediation plan for that land. The remediation plan will be submitted to the State of Colorado soon and we expect that clean-up will commence once the plan is approved. Our goal is to complete remediation by the end of this year."