A large black bear was spotted in several areas around Hope Mills during the night of May 29.

The bear was captured by the dashcam of a police cruiser on patrol.

"My neighbor texted me a picture of the bear in my yard and said this is your house. That's how I found out," said Nicole O'Larry.

Police video was rolling when the bear climbed the fence surrounding Nicole's backyard.

Wednesday afternoon, she went out to inspect the fence finding claw marks dug into the wood and pieces broken off where the bar climbed it.

In other places on her fences, boards were pulled out, and claw marks indicated the bear was responsible for that damage.

"If he could do that to something like this imagine what he could do if somebody startles him or gets him riled up," said O'Larry.

Now that O'Larry knows a bear spent time in her fenced-in backyard, she's worried.

"I'm thinking he might come back," she said. "That's what I don't want, so the quicker they catch him the more at ease I can feel."

Police officers passed out fliers Wednesday afternoon throughout the neighborhood warning residents not to mess with the bear.

If you happen to see the bear, you are asked to not approach the bear and call 911 to file a report.

NC Wildlife says they will not be taking any action unless the bear becomes aggressive.