Kerri Wallisch and her husband were at Washington Park on Memorial Day. She was rollerskating and her husband was rollerblading when a bicyclist approached them from behind.

She says thebicyclisthither and knocked her to the pavement.

"I fell down and he turned around, saw that I had fallen down and he just kept going," Wallisch said.

Wallisch was taken to an emergency room and treated for road rash to her arm and leg. She also filed a police report about the incident.

"I think the fact that he just rode away was really disturbing," Wallisch said.

She and other witnesses described the cyclist as being a white male in his 30s. The bike he was riding is described as having a yellow disk wheel used for time trials.

While the roads in Washington Park are open to cyclists, there is a 15 mph speed limit.

Wallisch says cyclists, like the one who collided with her simply need to slow down.

"It is not all bicyclists. [There are] just a handful of them that think it is the Tour de France or something it is not," Wallisch said.