The hardest-hit area was Parker, where hail pummeled the Pinery neighborhood for three hours.

Roofers were out there in force Thursday, driving up and down neighborhood streets.

The largest hail storm in several years means a steady stream of work for Colorado roofing companies.

The damage is everywhere on Bill McMahan's property, where he says it hailed for three hours.

"Just a lot of hail. It just really pounded the heck out of everything," McMahan said. "For that duration of time, just never really seen anything like that."

Carl Upchurch with Big Rock Roofing Company says this is the busiest they've been since the big hail storm in 2009.

"We're seeing hail damage. Quarter size hits on the roofs," Upchurch said.

Just this week - Governor Hickenlooper signed a new law protecting homeowners who hire a roofing company.

Here is a summary of the legislation from the State of Colorado website:

Senate Bill 12-038 requires contractors offering to perform roofing work on a residential property to sign a written contract with the property owners detailing the scope and cost of the work and contact information for the contractor. Roofing contractors are also required to permit property owners to rescind a contract and obtain a refund of any deposit paid. Finally, the bill prohibits roofing contractors from paying, waiving, rebating, or promising to pay, waive, or rebate all or any part of the property owner's insurance deductible.

The Colorado Roofers Association supports the new law, as does Upchurch.

"It'll keep the honest roofers honest," Upchurch said.

Critics have said the changes will hurt consumers by allowing insurance adjusters to deny estimates from legitimate contractors.

Upchurch says dishonest roofers are the bane of his business.

"They're typically called storm chasers and they roll in from out of state. They pop up a temporary location at a motel or hotel and they send a group of canvassers out and they go knocking on doors," Upchurch said.

McMahan knows things could be worse. He's thankful a tornado did not hit his home, but there is still a lot of cleaning up to do.

"It's just a matter of bearing down and getting it done," McMahan said.

The Colorado Roofers Association offers a Consumer Reroofing Checklist:

- Only accept bids from local contractors you have called.
- Only accept bids with dollar amounts written on them.
- Never sign anything that has a cancellation fee.
- Request 5 local references that the Estimator personally worked with over 1 year ago.
- Ask for copies of the roofers Workmen's Comp. & General Liability Insurance.
- Make sure the name on the insurance certificate matches the name of the roofer.
- Make sure the roofer pulls a building permit and has the new roof inspected.
- Do not pay for materials in advance.
- Never turn over insurance checks or pay any money until the job is complete.
- Homeowners have up to one year to complete roof repairs so be patient and wait until the rush is over.

For more consumer tips and a list of local roofing contractor members, visit: www.coloradoroofing.org