The fire burned 11 structures, including four homes, near the town of Last Chance. There is a possibility of further damage as fire officials assess the burn area.

The large prairie fire burned southwestern Washington County, north of Highways 71 and 36.

The fast-moving blaze forced at least 25 residents out of their homes Monday near the town of Last Chance.

Automated evacuation calls were also sent out to homes around the town of Woodrow.

Evacuation orders have been lifted, as of 9 a.m. Tuesday morning, for the towns of Last Chance, Woodrow and the surrounding areas, including Highway 36 from mile marker 132 to 140, north to Washington County Road 30. Those evacuations remained in effect throughout the night due to downed power lines.

Sharon Chenoweth, the wife of the Last Chance fire chief, evacuated along with her two grandchildren on Monday. She said the last she heard is that her home was still standing.

Farmers and ranchers helped contain the fire. Three local residents braved the thick smoke and used tractors to plow the land in front of the blaze to create a break.

Firefighters focused on the northwest side of the fire. They feared the blaze may move closer to Woodlin School, which is located southeast of Woodrow.

Over 30 agencies were involved in battling the blaze, including air support.

Officials say the fire was started when a tire came loose from a passing car. Sparks from the tire's rim ignited the surrounding brush.