Two bears broke into the lodge at Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp, about 50 miles west of Fort Collins.

Sky Ranch survived the fire, which burned 87,284 acres and is 100% contained.

"We made our way through the burn areas," Sky Ranch Executive Director Brad Abbott said. "[We] saw a lot of the devastation. We were greatly relieved when we turned the corner to camp and saw all the buildings there. You couldn't even tell there had been a fire."

One hundred campers and staff had to evacuate Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp on June 12, with just one hour notice.

Abbott and Sky Ranch Associate Director Andy Sprain went back for the first time on Saturday.

"I was actually heading into the building when I heard Brad scream 'Andy, get over here,'" Sprain said. "That's when we saw the bear come out of our kitchen window."

Two bears made the main lodge their home.

"The second bear came it was a much bigger bear," Sprain said.

Sprain took pictures that showed the bear's favorite room was the kitchen.

"At that point we went in and were greeted to a real mess," Abbott said. "Raunchy would be a good word. It smelled pretty bad."

Camp staff has a huge job getting everything cleaned up before camp re-opens in one week.

"Just trash and bear poop everywhere," Sprain said.

Once a bear knows there is food to be found, they keep coming back for more.

The same bears were spotted around Sky Ranch Sunday, which means there could be more bear scares.

"We know this is their place more than it is our place," Sprain said. "So we just have a responsibility to try and keep our campers safe."

The key is thoroughly cleaning up and setting clear boundaries for both bears and people.

"We may have to relocate the bears and work with the Forest Service on that," said Abbott. "[They are] just looking for a place to hang out right now because they lost their home as well."

Now, everyone is just trying to get back to normal, after a very abnormal 19 days.

"We weren't expecting to come to camp and have a bear that's been living in our lodge," said Sprain. "But it's the joy that we continue to do what we've been called to do and have fun with camp."

The roads are expected to fully re-open in the next few days.

Camp directors hope to have everything cleaned up and ready for campers to return on Sunday, July 8.