A local company makes this product for good posture and good health. They say sitting is not a natural position for our bodies because your pelvis is stuck in one immobile position.

We get restless, we move around, and that causes unnatural pressures and strains leading to back pain. They say the BackJoy maintains your proper spinal alignment and provides natural balanced posture while you move.

Use it anywhere on hard, or soft seats. Learn more

The Feinger

The Feinger is alanyard for mobile devices. It pops and locks onto your mobile device, giving you the ability to have it within reach at all times. It includes a unimount for 360 degree rotation for viewing and use at any angle. Learn more

Survival Straps

Thesesurvival bracelets are made from super-strong military spec paracord.They looklike normal wrist bracelets, but in an emergency, you unravelthem to make tourniquets, tow snowmobiles, make shelters; you name it.

There are watch strap, belt, andkey fob versions too. Learn more

Triathlete Transition Mats

A company called Sport On makes these mats. They're for transition areas, places to rest, regroup and celebrate the completion of one leg of a triathlon, toprepare for the next.

It can be pretty chaotic with all the crowds. These mats help your transition area stand out. They're colorful andcome with inspirational quotes too.


These are soft, colorful ID holders for people in healthcare and other fields. The inventor decided to make them, after concluding normal ID holders limit one's ability to express their personality.

Lots of different ways to make them is the website.

Dior Homme 171S Foldable Sunglasses

There is lots of summer left, lots of time to look cool in shades.
The Dior Homme 171-S Foldable Sunglasses
are from the same brand known for trimming the fat from men's suits They've done the same thing with the sunglasses, merging an 80's aviator style with modern materials.

The shades fold up to the size of one lens for easy storage. Youcan find these at select Solstice Sunglass Boutiques.

Tenniz & Canz

Tenniz is atennis match you can set up and play just about anywhere there's a flat surface. Large foam balls make for longer volleys. The rackets are shorter and easier to handle than normal ones. Desingers say this is perfect for kids and beginners. The setup and takedown are quick and easy.

The same company, Escalade Sports, makes Canz, a toss target game. The Canz are air funnels made of soft, durable foam; one point on the rim; three points in the basket. The target is collapsible so you can take it on the go.Visit