The ride consists of 3 days and about 150 miles, so I did some quick math and figured I've rode some 900 miles for this event. Truth be told, I've riden the extra options a few times, so it's probably closer to 1,000.

1,000 miles on a bike to help the sweetest beings on the earth: children. Every saddle sore, every rain drop and any other inconvenience I've felt through the years pales in comparison to what too many children and their families go through. The stories are heart wrenching and while many have happy endings, some do not.

I do this ride with my brother Ted and our dad. Dad got us started, he's been riding in the Courage Classic since the 2nd year. Ted and I decided to join him to make it a family event but soon realized it was about much more than our family, it was about helping others.

We are just 3 of about 2,000 riders who participate in the Courage Classic. Every age, shape and level of cyclist can be found in this event.

We are proud to raise and donate money every year. If you'd like to donate to our cause and help Children's Hospital, click here.