"The veterinarian has told me she has no shoulder blades, so the tendons are pulling her legs in," Denise Steininger, BeeBee's owner, said. "The tendons pull her legs up so they're contracted and face toward her. She just can't put any weight on them or straighten them out."

It was the kind of problem that left poor BeeBee subject to the cruel whims of her siblings.

"She got beat up a lot by her brothers and sister," Steininger said.

It got so bad that Steininger decided it might be best to bring the Chihuahua to work with her.

"I work in a nursing home, so I started taking her there," she said.

Life at Alpine Living Center in Thornton has never been the same.

"Oh, she's an inspiration, honey," resident Maria Becerra said. "If she can get through what she's going through, I know I can."

Yet that is hardly the end of the story about BeeBee.