"It's a utopia for rock bands," Bill Stevenson, who helped start the Blasting Room, said.

Stevenson has drummed for the punk rock band the Descendents, which started in 1978. The group is famous in punk rock circles and helped influence other bands for generations.

Fort Collins entered the picture back in the 1990s.

"We originally built it just for us, for our band," he said.

"It seemed like, before I even had paint on the walls here, bands were calling to come record," added Stevenson.

Artists that have recorded with him in Fort Collins include Train, Rise Against, and Flobots.

When 9News stopped by the studio, a group called Off With Their Heads was busy recording their first major-label album.

"[Fort Collins] has a reputation for being one of the best places in the country, actually," their lead singer said.

"For me it's pretty awesome because the first tattoo I ever gave was of Bill's band, the Descendents," he added.

The studio has been in Fort Collins for almost 20 years.