U.S. Navy Commander (ret.) Suzanne Giesemann is the author of "Messages of Hope." It's a book and documentary. In it,she talks about her military career and making the turn from commander to psychic medium.

"Unfortunately, it was the result of a tragedy. My stepdaughter was killed six years ago, and as a result of that, I went in search of a medium to find out if it was true that the spirit really does survive death. She gave us such evidence that our Susan is still around that I went on to write several books about mediumship. In the process of doing so, I had the complete surprise of learning that I can tap into the other side," Giesemann said.

Giesemann says the 9/11 terrorist attacks also sparked her deep interest in mediumship. Giesemann says we are all a little psychic.

"But we have so much going on in our heads all the time that we're not aware of these very subtle messages that come through. I was aware of this ability because I began to meditate after Susan's death and that trained my brain to be quiet," Giesemann said.

When it comes to communicating with the dead, many people are skeptical.

"I've had training in mediumship, so I ask for the loved ones of clients to blend their energy with mine, and I ask them to tell me 'How old were you when you died?' 'What kind of work did you use to do?' 'What did you die of?' 'What's your favorite thing?' That kind of evidence wipes away skepticism because I'm the biggest skeptic there is," Giesemann said.

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