Lexi DeForest fell and was trapped in a trench Wyoming's Vedauwoo Mountains. She made a video diary to document the experience while her friend went to get help.

The 21-year-old says hearing her own voice helped ease her anxiety while she waited for search and rescue crews. It took them more than seven hours to reach her.

She says the pain wasn't too bad until rescuers began pulling her out.

"As I was being repelled down it was excruciating pain. It was as if someone was taking my ankle and ripping it in half," she told 9NEWS.

DeForest says she already had screws in the same ankle from a break when she was a teenager.

Her doctors expect her to make a full recovery. DeForest says she'll be back out hiking the trails again as soon as she's healed.

Her video diary has already been viewed about 200,000 times on YouTube.

Watch the entire video here [adult language]