Dr. Huntington Potter, Director of Alzheimer's Disease Programs at the University of Colorado, talked with 9NEWS anchor Kim Christiansen about the latest Alzheimer's research.

In trials, Gammagard offered real hope to over 5.4 million Americans with Alzheimer's.

The treatment is an immune therapy called IVIG/Gammagard that has been administered intravenously for three years to a small group of participants.

The findings on the treatment, made by Baxter International, follow a frustrating 9-year research period during which no new therapies have been discovered for the incurable brain-wasting disease.

The participants did not show improvement in most of their Alzheimer's symptoms, nor did they show any further decline on measures of cognition, memory, daily functioning or mood over the three years

Gammagard is not available to the public, but trials on this and other Alzheimer's drugs are underway.

For information on how to participate in a trial go to the Alzheimer's Association website and click on the TrialMatch button.

The Alzheimer's Association of Colorado is holding several Walks to End Alzheimers. Denver's is September 15 in City Park.
For more information visit The Alzheimer's Association website.