It's called the Global Ortho Project.

A local team in Boulder at Bing, Microsoft has been taking aerial photos of the entire United States. The project has been in the works for the last two years.

"It's at a 30-centimeter resolution, which means that one pixel or dot on the screen equals one foot of resolution. It covers the entire country, so everyone can go back to their hometown or wherever they grew up and see their house," Charlie Petersen from the Bing Imagery Team and Microsoft said.

The maps cover both small and large areas.

"It's about how recent the imagery is. It's all taken within three years. That may not seem like a very long time for that imagery to be around, but it's actually pretty short with all things considered ... It is also every place in the United States so every square inch will have a brand new picture [every three years,]" Petersen said.

Officials from Bing say The Global Ortho Project also has the ability to help with things like natural disaster relief.

"When the camera for this project was being developed, it was 2010 during the Haitian earthquake. [We stopped our operation in New Orleans and moved it to Haiti] to help with those efforts ... It's a brand new camera, and it's at a very high resolution. Something that you wouldn't be able to find over the counter. It takes a fantastic set of pictures and puts together the perfect mosaic and makes our entire country look like one big photo," he said.

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