The meeting was set up for homeowners to talk to lawmakers about the problems they're dealing with insurance agencies and adjustors.

One woman in attendance said it was almost impossible to come up with a list of everything she lost.

"Last night it was these little houses that the kids painted for Christmas that I put on my windowsill. You couldn't sell them for 10 cents. What is the value of that?" the woman said.

"We've worked for our whole lives and then psychologically it makes sense to move forward. Where am I going to live? What am I going to do? What am I going to buy? Can I design another house? But instead we're going back and looking over at everything we've lost," she added.

Another man, who said he would he rebuild his home after he lost it in June, told everyone at the meeting he could no longer afford to rebuild because he's $200,000 short.

Most of the people at the meeting said they're being offered less than what they lost in the fires.

One man said his insurance company only offered him 73 cents per dollar lost.