Thought Controlled Helicopter

This remote controlled helicopter relies on an Emotiv headset that translates brain activity into action. A user can move the flyer forward by thinking "right," up, by thinking "push" and clockwise, by thinking "left."

Clenched teeth and blinking both eyes produce a brain signal that can command the helicopter to descend, or to take a picture using the helicopter's on-board camera. The system will be demonstrated at a high tech computing conference in Pittsburgh this fall.

World's Fastest Electric Car

The Rimac Automobili Concept One has been developed over the last two years after Croation designer Mate Rimac "blew up" the engine of the BMW E30 he was using for circuit racing. He says: "I decided to try building an EV. The goal from the beginning was to create a very powerful car. At first I started on my own. I read a lot about other people's projects who have already converted cars to EVs, and even some who are using EVs for racing.

"Then I ordered parts and started to build the car. After one year or so, the car was able to drive but I was not satisfied with the result. It was heavy, not very powerful and the range was very limited. I started to collect a team of experts to develop our own components since I believed that the electric propulsion can give much more compared to what was available on the market (at least for individuals -- big companies have access to better technologies)."

The original BMW has now gone through five stages of reinvention and, says Rimac, "got faster, lighter and more reliable each time". When he realized how little of the original car remained, he decided to build a new car from scratch.

The result is the Concept One, which is built around four liquid cooled permanent magnet motors, a 92 kWh battery and an All Wheel Torque Vectoring System delivering 3,600 Nm torque. He told the New York Times: "The front and rear systems are separate units," he said. "Each of them includes two high-speed, liquid-cooled permanent magnet electric motors, two liquid-cooled inverter units and two reduction gearboxes, integrated into one small unit."

Just 88 cars will be built initially, with delivery to begin in the year 2014.

Rocktape & Rock Sauce

Remember all those Olympians who wore that colorful tape on their bodiesin London? Rocktape was all the rage. The tape had nothing to do with injuries. Itwas all about enhancing performance by increasing blood flow and helping engage certain muscle groups during competition and recovery. Well now that tape is available to the rest of us.

They call this the gold standard in kinesiology tape. The makers say this can help with a variety of sports injuries, not only back issues but runner's knee, achilles tendon and shin splints too

Besides the Rocktape, the company makes Rock Sauce, a topical pain reliever designed to work with the tape. It can be applied directly to the surface of Rocktape or used on its own. Theysayit isperfect for joint and muscle soreness.

Learn more atwww.rocktape.com

Manning Peyton Football

Rawlings is out with a new, officially licensed, Peyton Manning Broncos Debut Football. They've made just over two thousand of these in nice display cases, and thefootballs areto helpraise money for local Make A Wish kids.

The ball features some Broncos history and stadium info, along with a picture of Peyton when he signed his Broncos contract. There's a special number for this one: 1-800-345-2868 or you can visitwww.nikcosports.com