One organization, The La Napoule Art Foundation, wants to do something about that. They are teaming up with Denver Public Schools to make sure all children are being exposed to art and art education.

The exhibit Do You See What I See is specifically targeted toward children. Many of the art pieces are hung at a lower level, easier for the children to see. Children are also invited to touch and explore the artwork.

"The idea of the exhibit is that we make it accessible to all children. We also aim to make it more fun and interesting by the way that we have created it. It's an experience that takes a child outside the box. They go and see art that they wouldn't expect to see," the art director of La Napoule art foundation Narasha Gallaway said.

Despite budget cuts, The La Napoule Art Foundation has been given support and funding by other outlets.

"for this particular project, we have gotten funding from Rose Medical Center and we have received a grant from the Laura Musser Fund but we have also partnered with Denver Public Schools," Gallaway said.

The exhibit begins Sept. 13 and runs through Oct. 14. Do You See What I See will be held at 3507 Ringsby Ct in Denver. It goes from noon to 8 p.m.