Every year since that tragic day in 2001, Bill has made 9/11 a "Day of Giving" at his restaurant to honor those who died in the attacks. The support from patrons over the years has been incredible. Bill serves free food and in exchange requests donations which go directly to the JoAnn B. Ficke Cancer Foundation.

This year, Bill's opened up for breakfast for the first time ever and began serving and taking donations at 6 a.m. Susie Wargin was on hand and found a whole slew of celebrities who came in to lend their support. To see the story, visit the video player above.

In 2011, the "Day of Giving" raised $120,000 and it's not just patrons who give. Everyone on staff, from cooks to servers to bussers and dishwashers, all give up a day's pay and donate their salary and tips to the cause.

Contributions from 2012 are at $100,000 and growing.If you weren't able to visit Bill's on 9/11, you can find out more information and donate by visiting: