Things like "fall in love and get married," "forgive Jose" and "watch all my kids graduate from college" were on Jackquetta Hubbard's bucket list. This young mother of six began writing down her bucket list in a small, pink notebook after beginning a project with her hospice care provider.

Jackquetta was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma - a type of rare cancer linked to skeletal muscle problems. She began falling and so her mother Toni suggested she go to the doctor to get checked out. She was diagnosed with the disease and was given two to three months to live. She ended up living nine days after her diagnosis.

Toni found a small, pink journal in Jackquetta's room after she passed away. The journal was filled with scribbles, thoughts and ideas. Her bucket list included items like skydiving and vacations, however giving her kids everything they needed was the most frequent focus of the list.

The bucket list idea came from a Namaste Hospice Project that one of the social workers spotted on Pinterest - a craft-filled website that features photos of do-it-yourself ideas. Unfortunately, Jackquetta passed away before completing her bucket list project.

"What we like to do is shift the paradigm from viewing dying as a failure to living well and dying well being the ultimate success life because death of a part of life," Soto Flouris, the Director of Business Development at Namaste Hospice, said.

With other patients working on their bucket list projects, Namaste is working to help them achieve some of their goals. From Rockies games, trips to the aquarium, the zoo and the movies - all are simple things that lead to a lot of happiness for patients with only a short time to live.

Namaste was able to cross one item of Jackquetta's bucket list before she passed. She was reunited with her brother, who she hadn't seen for years, and told him all about her illness, her struggles and her children.

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