The citation issued to James Holmes was uploaded to a Facebook page by a Pennsylvania man. The Pennsylvania man is being investigated for fraudulently forwarding Holmes' mail to an address in West Chester, PA.

The citation's photographs show Holmes behind the wheel of his white car that was later seized by investigators at the scene of the shooting on July 20.

According to the citation, Holmes ran a red light on July 10 at the corner of Mississippi and Abilene.

The man who uploaded the citation has posted other mail addressed to Holmes, including magazines and a gym invoice.

Postal investigators have told 9Wants to Know they immediately halted Holmes' mail when they realized it may have been forwarded fraudulently.

9Wants to Know has also confirmed investigators are aware of what is being uploaded to Facebook and that their investigation is pending.

So far, no charges have been filed against the Pennsylvania man who joked about the investigation. In a Facebook post, he said he made cookies for postal inspectors for when they visit.

Aurora police said they could not comment about the red light camera citation because of the current gag order in the case.

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