Red Robin is on the rebound, and on 9NEWS Friday morning, Business Reporter Gregg Moss visited Yummm U.

Yummm U, located in Englewood, is the restaurant's food-and-beverage development facility where chefs and mixologists develop and test new menu items.

New ideas are taken to a sensory panel where taste tests are done and the best items chosen for the menu.

Some new-for-fall items developed at Yummm U include: the Oktoberfest Milkshake, which is a milkshake blended with beer; St. Louis Butter Cake and Honey Bourbon Lemonade.

Gregg Moss got the chance to develop his own "Moss Burger" and bring it before Red Robin's sensory panel.

"They call it the Gregg Moss dream burger. I prefer to call it the "Spicy Elvis." My victim here is the CEO of Red Robin Steve Carley," Moss said.

Moss' burger recipe includes sliced banana, peanut butter, chocolate, bacon and jalapenos.

When CEO Steve Carley took a bite, his response, "Holy smokes. This is very intriguing."

Gregg says to become a taste tester at Yummm U, you have to join the Red Royalty Club at and you will be contacted from there.