Unbeknownst to her and other neighbors, Denver Public Schools started construction on a three acre solar farm.

"We were taken by surprise that we didn't know anything about it until they actually started roping off the area," said Mattingly.

The district owns a 10 acre parcel of land next to Place Bridge Academy in southeast Denver near the corner of Cherry Creek North Drive and Monaco Parkway. DPS wants to build a solar farm with more than 400 solar panels on about a third of that land.

"We made this fence somewhat low so that we could sit out on our patio," said Ron Befus, neighbor.

Befus says the solar farm would place solar panels on concrete stands that could reach up to nine feet high. The project would also have an electrical inverter on site.

"We'll be looking at the back of solar panels that are nine feet tall," said Befus. "There will be a six-foot chain link fence and there's no plans for any kind of landscaping or aesthetics. We're concerned about how the project would look."

Mattingly worried about how it will sound. She likes to escape to her backyard for some tranquility. District officials say the inverter will have a low humming sound, but it will be placed far enough from homes to not disturb any residents.

"They said that the noise wouldn't travel this far," said Mattingly. "But, I can't be sure of that, I guess."

Denver Public Schools issued a statement which reads in part, "DPS wants to be good neighbors, and we very much appreciate their input and concern... We believe the project will not negatively impact the neighborhood in any way."
DPS says the energy savings provided by the solar farm can pump more money into the classroom. District officials have scheduled a meeting with residents at 5:00 p.m. on Oct. 1st at Place Bridge Academy to discuss the project.

"We're not anti-solar energy," said Mattingly. "But, we just feel that we're concerned about this particular project is gonna have on our neighborhood."