According to the City of Littleton, a bicyclist was riding northbound on the trail at 6 p.m. on Sunday when she collided with the wire.

The wire was tied about 1-foot off the ground.

"[It was] hardcore wire," Jacquie Carpenter said. "[It was] like fencing wire across the bike path."

Carpenter was injured after being thrown off the bicycle and the bicycle itself was damaged.

"I hit my head but it knocked the air out of me, and my foot was still clipped into my pedal," Carpenter said. "Somebody had intentionally tried to put a stop to us coming through on bikes."

"Maybe somebody wants to put a stop to cycling through here," Carpenter said. "It was just something I never in my life expected to ever have happen. We have so many other things commuting on our bicycles to worry about [like] cars and squirrels running out in front of us and all kinds of things in the road."

Littleton Police and South Suburban Parks and Recreation are investigating the incident. No suspects are known at this time.

Police say the suspect responsible for this crime will be charged with reckless endangerment and assault, as well as other criminal charges.

Anyone with information regarding this incident should contact the Littleton Police Department at 303-795-3890.