The Reel Recovery retreat stands in stark contrast to the environment participants have been living with. All are men being treated for cancer. All have had their days consumed with visits and stays in hospitals. All have been under the care of doctors who are trying to save their lives.

The three day Reel Recovery retreats give the men a chance to focus on living for the moment and putting the battle with cancer aside, if only for only a short time.

"They're getting away from their trouble," Stan Golub, co-founder of Reel Recovery, said. "They're getting away from the battle."

The organization was founded in May of 2003.

Stewart Brown, an avid fly-fisher helped start the program at a retreat in Loveland just three days before he was to undergo surgery for a brain tumor.

Brown understood the tranquility the river brought to his life. He wanted to share that experience with other men facing cancer treatment.

While Brown lost his battle with cancer, Reel Recovery has thrived.

In the eight years since, Reel Recovery has conducted 129 retreats. The program is now a national one and has served more than 1,400 men battling cancer.

The non-profit organization provides the retreats to men with cancer free of charge. For more information about the organization you can visit their website at :