Rubin has now come out with a new book called "Happier at Home," that focuses on Making your house a place of simplicity, comfort, love and of course, happiness.

She joined us on 9NEWS 8 a.m. to talk about the new book.

"I had the strange experience one day when I was hit by a feeling of homesickness, when I was standing in the middle of my own kitchen, and that puzzling feeling really got me focused on the idea of home and how home for me and I think a lot of people is really the foundation for a happy life," Rubin said.

As in "The Happiness Project," Rubin works through general theories of happiness, which in your home she says is a matter of breaking some habits and could be as simple as a warm greeting .

"For instance one of my resolutions was to give warm greetings and farewells. So that instead of just grunting out a hello when somebody came or left, we really take the time to give them a real hello or a real goodbye. And just that very small action, once we were aware that we had gotten into the bad habit, we were able to change it and it really changed the atmosphere of our home," said Rubin.

In her quest for happiness in the home, Rubin also took on some "interior design" as in things she could change within herself.

"I decided to abandon my self control. Instead of trying to use my self control, for example during the holidays, resisting sugars and temptations. I decided to just give up self control all together, give up those sugary treats, and what I found was that it was much easier to say I'm never going to have them."

By doing that Rubin adds that she made things a lot easier for herself. She says in general it's all about thinking of the ways you can change certain practices or behaviors to make yourself happier.

One thing she wants people to take from this new book is that it really is possible to be happier at home for most people no matter what their situation is, just by mindfully thinking about the way you've set up your home and your habits and daily routine. Rubin says you can find things that are easy and manageable and realistic, that will allow us to boost our happiness.

For more on the book you can visit the happiness project website.