It consists of a group of women with strollers, working out in and around Washington Park in Denver.

But those strollers may soon be coming to a halt.

Denver Parks and Recreation says a news rule makes it illegal to offer any services for sale within any park without a permit.

Bryant says she would be happy to pay for a permit, but it's not that simple.

"We are not currently issuing permits for aerobic activity in Wash Park," Jeff Green, Spokesperson for Denver Parks and Recreation said.

However, Green says permits are for sale at other local parks.

Bryant says that's not the point.

"The reason people move to areas like this is to use the park," Bryant said. "People are going to be upset if they can't use their own park [in their neighborhood]."

Green says the reason behind the permit rule is that they're just trying to make room for everyone

"When we have all these groups in here we don't know what they are doing in there, how long they are there, and how often they are coming and that's what starts causing the issues," Green said.

Bryant doesn't think the new rules are fair.

"It's a public park. We should all be able to utilize the park," Bryant said.

She is worried it's going to affect more than just her and her Hot Mamas.

"It really is going to affect a lot of people and their lifestyles," Bryant said.

Green says they're currently looking into their permit system and will be hold a public meeting early next year where people can come and voice their opinions.