This week long event celebrates everything entrepreneurial in Denver, with an emphasis on technology and design.

The event is intended to celebrate the great companies, innovation and ideas happening right here, and the people and inspiration behind them. There is a special emphasis on technology and design.

The Downtown Denver Partnership has played a big role in starting startup week. "In Downtown Denver we're really committed to attracting the 25-35 year old workforce. That's the key to our economic future. So when we decided to look at launching Denver Startup Week, we reached out to several partners, and found that others were interested in doing it as well and before we knew it, it has great momentum," Tami Door with the Downtown Partnership said.

Door said the Downtown Denver Partnership hopes to accomplish three things during the week, "Primarily, we want to enhance the entrepreneurial community and create more connection around that. Secondly, we want to highlight the entrepreneurial community in Denver and on a regional and national map. Finally, we simply want to inspire, celebrate and educate entrepreneurs in our community."

One of the partners of Denver Startup Week isAndre Durand, the Chairman and CEO of Ping Identity which is located in Denver. Ping Identity works with some of the world's largest firms, including 800 of the biggest companies and governments in the United States.

"You know all those pesky passwords? Employees hate them, they are not secure, so we help companies get rid of them," Durand said. Ping Identity was once a startup company and knows the challenges new businesses face.

"Businesses are kind of like children. They are fragile. Even little mistakes can kill them. They might not know it right off the bat, so the community needs to come around and insulate them and provide them with the experience they don't have early. And startups need a time and a place. So Startup Week will give them a galvanized location and a place to come," Durand said.

Durand said the key to a successful business are the employees, "At the end of the day it takes great people to build a great company and Denver has great people."

Multiple events are scheduled every day through Saturday.

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