Radio host Jason Worley, of 560 AM, made the comment about Jefferson County Superintendent Cindy Stevenson in reference to the school's budget.

Worley said, "If you have a [full-time] Facebook person still in Jefferson County [on staff] your superintendent should be shot."

Board member Laura Boggs, who was on the radio to talk about a ballot initiative to increase taxes for education, agreed with the statement, but later said she was on her phone at the time and did not fully hear what Worley said.

Stevenson heard the exchange and said Worley's comment was in poor taste.

"Given what we've been through as a community, that anyone would say 'let's shoot the superintendent' and it would be a matter to laugh about. I find it just incredibly sad and shocking," Stevenson said.

Stevenson said the district does not have an employee dedicated to social media.

"We have someone who monitors our Facebook page and manages it," Stevenson said. "That's not all she does."

Boggs said she will send a hand-written apology to the superintendent.