Pro-Obama signs were placed near the entrance to the early voting location, leading to a formal complaint by the Colorado Republican Party to the Larimer County Clerk.

Colorado election law states that electioneering is not permitted within 100 feet of polling locations.

Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler told 9NEWS that the problems identified by the state GOP had been corrected.

"Every election cycle, you'll get overzealous people who step over the line," said Gessler. "It was fixed today. That's my understanding."

Photos sent to 9NEWS by the state GOP showed an Obama campaign banner placed at a circle outside the door to the site.

Another photo showed a sign sponsored by Democrats on the door promoting an Obama campaign voter registration website.

The banner was moved farther from the entrance and the parts of the sign considered electioneering had been covered up according to Gessler.

Gessler says violations of this nature are generally corrected quickly with no further action being necessary, but that his office can forward complaints to law enforcement if steps are not taken to comply with electioneering rules.