Remote Control Zombie

Unleash the dead on your friends, family or coworkers with a remote control zombie. He trudges forward and groans when you activate him by pressing the button on the brain-shaped remote. You can also move his neck, shoulder and hips to whatever zombie pose you desire. Find more information at:

Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game

If board games are more your style, Last Night on Earth is a fast-paced game of brain-eating zombies, small town heroes and horror movie action.

Players take on the role of either heroes or zombies. To survive, hero players must use their cunning ingenuity (as well as a bit of luck) to make it through the night. Only by working together can the heroes hope to fend off the hordes of zombies and find some way to stop them or escape.

Two to six people can play. It's recommended for ages 12 and older. It takes about an hour to 90 minutes to play. Find more information at:

Infectious Disease Stress Ball

Squeeze the ball hard and blisters will protrude from it. It both releases stress and reduces appetite! Four different diseases (or colors) are available: Bubonic Plague, Cooties, Small Pox and Zombie Virus. Find more information at:

Brain-Eating Zombie Hat

The plush hat is a soft beanie that will warm your noggin while giving the impression a zombie is chewing on your head.One size fits all for most adults. Find more information at:

Cat 'n Around

Pets also like to get in the Halloween spirit, so why not give them a spooky toy stuffed with catnip? The Cat 'n Around comes in a candy corn or monster theme for Halloween. The toy is designed to stimulate a cat's natural instinct to play and hunt (or haunt).Find more information at:

Scratch 'n Shapes

Protect your home furnishings and enhance your cat's life with a Halloween-themed scratch toy. Scratch 'n Shapes come in all shapes and sizes, and are made from 100 percent recycled paper. It also comes with a bag of catnip to keep your feline friend content while being spooky.Find more information at