For Operation's Assistant Josh Bruning, delivering the mail isn't his only job, but it can be very time consuming.

"Being there's so many people in this building, we do get a lot of mail," says Bruning, while sitting ina back office at Broncos headquarters.An office he shares with Team Logistics Manager Adam Newman.

Even in today's technology filled world, Broncos "snail mail" comes in droves.

"I go through it and organize it into a mail cart by department," explains Josh. "I have three set mail runs throughout the day."

Josh's mail runs consist of rolling through the front office and handing out mail to each department. He also dolls out parcels to the team's most popular employees.

"We actually have a mailbox for each guy," says Josh. "It's coded by their number and has their name on it.I go through and put in their mail.From there, it's up to them as to whether or not they're going to check it and get back to those people."

Fan correspondence isn't limited to just autographs.

"I've seen things like wanting to meet a player, or come to my birthday or come to my wedding, things like that."

Wedding invitations?

"I've known a few guys that have actually signed them and sent it, just saying they can't make, but they'll sign the wedding invitation."

So please know ahead of time: Von Miller is not going to make it to your next party. However, if you do send something in, don't forget the self addressed stamped envelope.

"We have a lot of fan mail and I've noticed more guys are willing to sign something if there's a return envelope for it, because then they don't have to go through the hassle of tracking down a stamp."