"[Sigg] can absolutely be charged as an adult," Robinson told 9NEWS. "Since he's 17, the prosecution can direct file [which means] they don't need to get permission from anybody."

According to Robinson, the judge does not have the power to prevent that filing.

"Once that happens, Sigg will be treated as an adult," Robinson said.

Robinson says one of the first steps once Sigg is charged as an adult is to transfer Sigg from the juvenile facility to an adult facility.

Many community members are wondering if the death penalty will be on the table for Sigg.

"It is not [on the table,]" Robinson said. "The United States Supreme Court ruled approximately seven years ago that it was a cruel-and-unusual punishment to execute anyone under the age of 18. In a ruling [in 2011], they also decided it was cruel-and-unusual punishment for a juvenile to be sentenced to life without parole."

Robinson says, due to those former rulings, the maximum sentence Sigg can face is life in prison with the possibility of parole after 40 years. Robinson says that does not include Sigg's possible connection to the incident at Ketner Lake over Memorial Day weekend.

Watch the video above to learn about about the legal process Sigg will face.