In November of 2011, Sullivan was caught handing meth to a confidential informant on undercover video with the expectation of receiving sex in exchange for the drug. The informant spoke exclusively to 9Wants to Know for this report.

As Sullivan serves out a two year probation term for drug possession and soliciting a prostitute, his defense attorneys are fighting a probation department request for Sullivan to undergo a "sexual offense specific" mental health evaluation. Such evaluations are usually geared towards convicted sex offenders and can result in tighter supervision controls.

Sullivan was not convicted of a sex offense.

Court documents filed by the probation department and the Colorado Attorney General's Office are asking the court to force Sullivan to undergo the evaluation. The documents refer to Sullivan's "dangerous sexual behavior" because of past meth use combined with unprotected sex.

While the probation department doesn't mention specifics behind what it calls "violations" during his probation, it says Sullivan was outfitted with an ankle monitor over the summer that can track his location and detect alcohol use.

Sullivan denied several requests for interviews about his probation issues.

9Wants to Know found the former sheriff has moved out the home he shared with his wife into a new townhome in Aurora.

During a visit to his new home, Sullivan acknowledged his HIV status to 9Wants to Know and said he is being safe with the disease.

"I'm undetectable," Sullivan said.

Confidential informant

"He was a friend of mine. He had helped me out a great deal," Willie Hadley, the former confidential informant told 9Wants to Know. "I considered Pat a friend."

In a bare apartment outside of Denver, Hadley met 9Wants to Know for an hour-long interview. Hadley described a close friendship with Sullivan that began in 2005.

Hadley, 35, who has lived much of his life homeless, said he would live in Sullivan's home as the former sheriff provided food, shelter and drugs. Hadley said Sullivan loved him, was seen as a father figure and that the pair would often smoke meth inside Sullivan's home.

Jojola: Did his wife suspect anything?

Hadley: She would ask if he was gay and he would be "No," he wasn't gay. Then later when she went to bed or after we were out of her presence, he would be like, "Well she didn't ask me if I was was bisexual."

Hadley said Sullivan would manage his social security disability money, but then would eventually spend Hadley's money on other young men. Distrust eventually led to a big fight, Hadley said.

"I said, 'You know Pat, one of these days something is going to happen,'" Hadley said.

In the summer of 2011, one of Hadley's friends was caught with several ounces of methamphetamine. Hadley told 9Wants to Know he made a deal with investigators to get his friend out of trouble.

On November 29, 2011, Hadley made a phone call to Sullivan asking for meth in exchange for sex.

"So I said, 'It'll take one phone call. I said [to Sullivan], 'I'll give you the one thing you always wanted.'"

Sullivan was seen on undercover video handing $50 dollars of meth to Hadley.

Jojola: Was it worth it?

Hadley: Depending on what mood I am, a lot of times I'll try to talk myself into it was a good thing. At the same time, I'll be like 'Why the [expletive] did you do that to a friend?'

Hadley believes Sullivan would still be doing drugs if he never came forward and worked with investigators.

The former sheriff would not answer any other questions about his probation issues.

The 18thJudicial District Court calendar in Arapahoe County shows a court date has been set for Nov. 7, 2012 to review issues related to Sullivan's probation and to discuss the requested mental health evaluation.

Sullivan's defense attorneys said in court documents their client has been following the terms of his probation and doesn't need a "sexual offense specific" mental health evaluation because he wasn't convicted of a sex offense.

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