The highest possible score is 2400.

Tina and Marie Vachovsky were born together, play piano together and even play tennis together. Early Thursday morning, they found out they got perfect scores on the SAT together.

"Actually, I was screaming for a while and then I went to go find my mom, "Tina said. "And then she started screaming and then we went to go wake up our dad."

"I thought the house is on fire," Ivan said. "I asked, 'Is the house on fire?' They said '24,' and then I started yelling too."

The result was even better for Marie, who scored lower than her sister the first time - 2170 versus Tina's 2210. She worried it would look bad on her college applications.

"Before she had a higher score so it was like, any college I apply to there's gonna be a better version of me, because there's someone with a higher SAT score that's almost the same in everything else," Marie said.

Was it a natural gift? The girls certainly have incredible mental capacity, being good students, very talented painters, and musicians. They say they studied, but not too much and focused on vocabulary. But, the key is to understand how the questions are asked and what answer they're pointing to.

They both want to go to Stanford because it is a great school and they love California. The twins have not decided on their future careers yet, although their parents are hoping they'll be doctors.