Thousands of images are readily available on the Internet through a variety of social-networking sites. The fake photos of the storm became a story in of itself with articles being published solely to debunk or verify the most viral of photos.

Journalistic organizations such as Poynter and Society of Professional Journalists warned reporters not to be fooled and to take steps to research photos before sharing, publishing or broadcasting them.

Here are two ways you can search to find out if a photo is real or not:

  1. Do a Google search of the image. Type in a few words to describe the photo in the search bar and search images. From the search results you may be able to find if the photo has already been on the Internet for a while or find the original post of the photo.
  2. Use TinEye,,to do a reverse image search. Upload a photo in question to the site or use the photo's URL to find where it's been posted, how it's been manipulated and how it's being used.