TickleMe Plant

The official botanical name isMimosa Pudica. It's also known as the Sensitive Plant, The Humble Plant or the Touch-Me-Not Plant.

Theplant responds by opening its leaves when you tickle it. the plantfolds them when you stop. You get a mini-pot, seeds and a peat pellet. The plant sprouts in a couple of days.

Testing Timer Wristwatch

College studentJordan Liss came up with the idea of this watch while undergoing some standardized tests. He was stressed out by the time constraints imposed on the english, math and science sections.

The Testing Timer Wristwatch shows students exactly how much time they have left to complete each section. Italso provides a blinking track around the high-def screen to give a quick visual of where the student should be.

Handcrafted Pens

Local artist Kellie Mack started making these pensas gifts for friends and relatives. Each pen is made from Cocobolo wood which is also known as rainbow woodfor its variety of colors, including orange, red, and yellow. Kellie hand-turnseach pen that she makes.


Speaking of pens, how about one that converts what you write into text for your PC or MAC? IRISnotes is cordless. You can easily export your notes onto your PC or MAC using the USB connection. You can also send it directly to your iPhone and iPad using the free IRISnotes app to write and draw on your mobile device.

This same company also makes a portable document scanner, IRIScan that we featured. Learn more