I've never seen so many costumes: angels, clowns, princesses, police officers ... sassy police officers. How could I choose. (By the way, I quickly decided that Officer Sassy Pants was not something I could get away with on the air).

The great workers knew much more about costumes than I ever thought possible. And they suggested to simply "Try everything on!" All the customers flock in an out of dressing rooms until they find the perfect costume.

Still overthinking the whole experience, I searched the racks while Amelia transformed into a disco queen ... and then a garden gnome. Gregg somehow found a suit made of bacon (yum!). And Gary shook his groove thang in an jumpsuit that would make Elvis proud.

Maybe it rubbed off on me, because I tried on my own Elvis jumpsuit ... then a getup inspired by the Pink Ladies from "Grease"... then an Audrey Hepburn-style dress ... then a superhero costume ... and, yes, for a brief period, Snow White (what?)

Finally, it all fell into place. Gary emerged as Duff Man from The Simpsons, and I returned to the rack to get a blue wig that had been calling me ever since I arrived. I donned the green dress and I became ... Marge Simpson.

I passed it up three times. And, as it turns out, it was the perfect costume for me. Marge and I are both moms of three, we enjoy baking ... and we both love big hair.