"As soon as she offered to take the ballot from me I instantly thought that is very weird," McNeal said.

The woman, who claimed to be working for a candidate running for the state legislature, asked McNeal a second time if she could collect the ballot.

"I was concerned that my ballot wouldn't get to where it was supposed to go," McNeal said. "I didn't know who this person was. I didn't know if she was representing someone. I didn't want to trust her with my ballot."

McNeal refused to give the woman the mail-in ballot. While the woman left McNeal's home, she didn't leave the neighborhood. A neighbor says the woman came to her home as well.

McNeal says she reported the incident to the Boulder County Clerk and Recorders office.

The Boulder County Clerk advises against giving your mail-in ballot to anyone you do not know and trust. If you have questions about whether your mail-in ballot has been received, you can contact your county clerk.