Pastor Rick Long with Grace Church of Arvada says the message is a crucial one.

"God values sex. He created it," Long said. "I think sex needs to be talked about in church probably more so than anywhere else."

"When we take it out of the emotional, intimate connection that we designed it for, then we start playing with it like it's a toy, and people get hurt. You cannot separate the emotions from a sexual relationship," Long explained.

Not everybody is excited about the billboard. Long says he's been getting lots of negative comments on Facebook.

Long says the words "good sex" are part of a vital message that everybody needs to hear. He says monogamous, committed sexual relationships are the goal.

"It can absolutely reverse, I believe, the majority of problems in our society," Long said. "I know it sounds radical, but I believe it to be true."

The timing of the message is no coincidence.

"We have a 10-year-old girl who's gone. Sexual assault charges were filed as well. That made us even sicker and more mortified," Long said.

This weekend, Long will preach on the subject. If you have an opinion on the sign, please share it on the post we've already started at

Editor's Note: 9NEWS erroneously reported in a previous version of this story that Jessica Ridgeway and her family attended Grace Church of Arvada. 9NEWS regrets the error.