"Pajanimals" showcases the skills preschoolers need to move through their days successfully.

Licensed clinical social worker Jennifer Waldburger is the co-owner of "Childsleep" and co-founder of "Sleepy Planet." She provides sleep consultations, leads mother-infant groups for new moms, lectures throughout Los Angeles on sleep, and works at a private practice as a psychotherapist. She also does healing and energy work with families and young children.

Waldburger spoke with 9NEWS to explain how a sleep routine can be established.

"Parents have to make sure kids really stick to the plans. Ideally, you want to have a very predictable, consistent flow of activities, that can include things like have a bath, brushing teeth, and snuggling together and reading stories and know what comes next helps kids settle into sleep a little more easily," Wadburger said.

She also explained how letting your kid stay up may cause them to wake up earlier.

"What you want to do on Saturday night is to put your kid to bed at their normal time. It's tempting to go a little bit later, but they'll actually wake up earlier if you put them to bed later. Sunday morning, unfortunately, there is not a whole heck of a lot you can do about seeing a 5:30 wake-up time on your clock, which is painful when you have a bright and perky little one standing next to you, but you just want to slowly help your child stretch towards their usual nap time, if they still nap, and normal bedtime," Waldburger said.

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Nate Chisholm contributed to this report.