"I felt violated," Zelkin said. "We have the right to vote and decide who we want as our president and whose policies we like, and nobody has the right to go on our property and remove any signs that declare our allegiance."

He went to a sign shop in Denver Wednesday and had one made up that reads "A Romney fan stole my Obama sign. Do it again and you will make my day & TV news."

"I just don't like to see these things happen to any party," Zelkin said. "I feel that everyone has the right, and even the obligation, to promote a political agenda that they feel is best for them."

Zelkin says another neighbor's Obama sign down the street is still there, as well as a "Veterans for Obama" sign Zelkin has on his fence. As far as he can tell, no one's touched the Romney signs in the neighborhood.

He says he has no proof how his original sign went missing. Despite the warning sign's suggestion, he doesn't have any surveillance set up or anything elaborate to catch a potential thief in the act.

"I strung some yellow low-voltage wire from each sign to behind my fence so that people might think that I have that in place," Zelkin said. That would be going too far."

He does have a replacement sign ready to go just in case the new political sign goes missing between now and Election Day.

9NEWS heard about this story from a newstip. It's among many 9NEWS has received from viewers of various political affiliations who've had political signs tampered with or go missing.

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