The amendment passed Tuesday and will change how state workers are hired.

"We owe a big thank you to Colorado. We are grateful voters saw the benefits in overhauling the state's outdated personnel system. The changes approved today will improve delivery of services and give our veterans more opportunities to compete for state jobs," Gov. JohnHickenlooper said in a statement.

Some 32,000 state workers in Colorado are hired under rules enshrined in Colorado's constitution that lead to an inefficient hiring process. Job applicants who qualify for a job are given written tests. The people with the top three scores are granted job interviews. The rest of the applications are discarded. If the top three candidates don't do well on the interview or get jobs elsewhere while the tests are scored, the search is declared "failed," and the state must wait six months to begin the search again.

Amendment S eliminates the six-month waiting period, allows six candidates to be interviewed instead of three, and allows the state to select people to interview based on other factors, like experience, besides test scores.

It also sets a new limit on the number of appointed jobs.

Currently, the state has a fixed number of positions which may be appointed by the administration, bypassing the usual hiring process.

The amendment will alter that, capping the number of appointed positions at one percent of the state workforce. At the current size of the state workforce, this would create an additional 325 jobs that may be appointed rather than hired through the usual channels. These positions include deputy department heads, spokespersons, human resource directors, and other high-level positions within state departments.

The amendment also creates a permanent advantage for veterans. Military veterans who apply for state jobs are given a bump in the rankings when test scores are calculated. Veterans may only use this advantage on one Colorado state job.

Amendment S will allow veterans to always enjoy this leg-up in the application process.