That was not the case for Jill Ferris, who - in 1953 - became the first female forecaster for Channel 9.

"There were things that were just inconceivable," Ferris said, while talking to 9NEWS meteorologist Kathy Sabine. "We didn't know about computers. We just barely had a rotary phone, let's face it."

In 1953, Ferris started working at Channel 9 but not as a forecaster. Her brother took her for an interview with station manager Joe Harold.

"Really nice guy," Ferris remembered.

She got a job introducing commercials during the afternoon movie that played. Two years later, they promoted her to the job of giving forecasts.

"I wasn't much of a weathercaster. The man I was replacing was a meteorologist. They wanted a weather bunny," Ferris laughs.

Recently, Ferris visited the 9NEWS Weather Center. Current Chief Meteorologist Kathy Sabine gave her a tour of all the new technology 9NEWS uses to forecast.

"We can create forecast images, and then put them in a monitor, so I can see them while I do the weather," Sabine explained.

When Ferris would do the weather, she used a magnetic board with icons of the sun and clouds to help tell the weather story of the day. While putting on a strong face for the cameras, Ferris said it was anything but.

"I was just putting on a strong face for the cameras," Ferris said.

Ferris, who says she didn't know much about forecasting, was told to call the Stapleton Airport if she had questions. The people there would give her a brief weather summary which Ferris would have to turn into a 15-minute forecast. While visiting the studio, you could see her excitement while checking out the technology she never had.

"I love the fact that you are giving us so much information that is valid, and I love that you do the forecasts outside," Ferris exclaimed.

"Would you have enjoyed that?" Sabine asked.

"Yes, I would have," Ferris responded.

A few years into her weather career, she was let go at the station, but she still uses her amazing voice, working at "Talking Books" - a library service for the blind. Ferris still lives in Denver with her husband, Mel.

"I am so grateful to Channel 9. Good, bad, it was a ... change, and I think one much for the better," Ferris said.