Experts from around the region painted an uncertain picture of the area's water future Wednesday morning at Northern Water's fall water user's meeting in Greeley.

As ash and silt continue their relentless descent into the Poudre River during even tiny rainstorms, Fort Collins will have to spend much more money on water filtration and purification in the coming years and potentially treat drinking water with additional chemicals to ensure the muck stays away from your faucet, Fort Collins water production manager Lisa Voytko said.

The silt washing into Seaman Reservoir from the Hewlett and High Park wildfire burn areas could be costly to Greeley, said Jon Monson, the city's water and sewer director.

"It costs 10 times more to clean out a reservoir than to build a new one," he said, showing a picture of massive sediment deposits that washed off nearby slopes and into the reservoir during the summer.

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