While repairing homes and restoring power is of paramount importance right now, Chuck Rozanski, owner of, wants to help in a way he can.

"I call the night of the storm the night that a million comics died, because I'm sure that at least a million comics were destroyed that night," Rozanski said.

Rozanski founded Mile High Comics 42 years ago and has amassed approximately eight million comic books. He does business in the New York City area and knows many comic book collectors there. He is now offering to help replace storm damaged collections.

"What we're sending out right now, what we're committed to do is to send out at least 10,000 comics for free from the reserve stock that we have here in the building," Rozanski said.
He is asking only that storm victims send him a photograph of their damaged comic books and a list of what types of comic books they had. Rozanski will then try to send them similar comic books.

"If they lost Spiderman titles, we'll go into our Spiderman overstock and just see what we got," Rozanski said.

Mile High Comics will also pay the shipping to get the comics to victims of the hurricane.

"When you put together a collection and you've done it over 10, 20, 30 years and suddenly it is wiped out in a moment, your first instinct is to say 'ok that part of my life is done.' I don't want people to feel that way," Rozanski said. is this country's largest seller of comic books.