Dave Watson used to run Kind Care Medical Marijuana Dispensary, until he was shut down along with roughly 20 other dispensaries in town.

And then, Tuesday night happened.

"It was real emotional. A lot of people are real proud about it," Watson said, referring both to Amendment 64 and the ballot measure in Fort Collins to once again allow medical marijuana dispensaries.

Watson isn't the only one who is interested in re-opening a marijuana business.

"There is a lot of interest out there in the community as far as folks asking how, when, where can I open a business," Wanda Nelson, Fort Collins City Clerk, said.

She says dispensaries might open in as early as a few months, although local law enforcement officials are looking at what happens after that.

"Amendment 64 has made medical marijuana dispensaries, in my opinion, a mute point," Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith said.

He has been against legalizing marijuana from the start, though Smith says they won't try another ballot initiative to ban dispensaries in town.

He says the larger issue is how to enforce Amendment 64, a conversation that is happening at all levels of government.

"The last time you saw a challenge probably this big would have been 1861 when the Civil War started. There was that issue of state's rights versus federalism," Smith said.

In the meantime, those like Dave Watson are hoping to re-open their businesses soon.
"I think the way the trend will go is switching over to recreational facilities," Watson said.