Arapahoe County's Department of Human Services invited us in to see how they handle reports of child abuse and neglect, decide which cases to assign to caseworkers and what happens when the system deems parents aren't fit to raise kids. Our story doesn't give names, but we do show you how it all works. A Denver court judge shares a story that made her cry -- and she sees cases everyday.


You'll meet two county caseworkers who are among hundreds statewide. It's their goal to prevent children from being taken from homes, and if they are, make homes safe for children to return.

Working in human services is a tough job.

A recent survey showed 59 percent of caseworkers suffered from compassion fatigue.

Also Tuesday night, I'll introduce you to two women who have a message for parents. Both of them had to be taken from their homes when they were young. It was an emotional and tough experience, they say. Both tell me whether it was the right decision.

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