This case goes back to July when a concerned neighbor called an Otis Peace Officer saying he saw 9 or 10 dogs in a yard feeding on a dead animal.

With a search warrant, officers and investigators with the Colorado Humane Society went into the home and found 23 animals, including dogs, cats, and birds, living in filthy conditions without access to food or water.

Investigators say 65-year-old Molly Mayfield and her daughter Tresa abandoned the animals.

"There were some illnesses, some infections that appeared visible, so they were taken to the Dumb Friends League where they were diagnosed and treated," Rigo Neiral, CHS investigator, said.

All 23 animals have been placed in homes through the Denver Dumb Friend League and the Gabriel Foundation.

Police arrested Mayfield in Aurora early Wednesday morning. Her 19-year-old daughter turned herself in later in the evening.

Both face 46 charges of animal abuse and animal abandonment.